Do you want to hear my journey as Mr. Koko from ragtag layabout to rag trade influencer? Warning: it’s a remarkable tale.

I climbed out of poverty-stricken streets under blackened skies towards a richer, healthier life. My naturally artisan ability distorted me from nobody to everybody; suddenly I was craved in every direction.

Overwhelmed, I retreated to nature. To anonymity so I could work with organic elements again, in my art and as it happened, to the discovery of my Famous formula.

Despair no more; I found a blackened and damaged canvas could be returned to its original colour. Modest and arrogant at the same time, black is mysterious, but out of the darkness comes a visibly brighter light.

A whiter smile after a smothering of black paste, it’s only right to get a little dirty before you can be clean. Entirely safe and simply easy to use, my activated charcoal toothpaste is a holistic alternative to other teeth whitening methods.

Wet the bristles of your Koko & Co. bamboo toothbrush and dip into the ultra-fine powder – no need to mix or combine anything. Gently brush for two minutes before brushing once more with water to remove the residue.

What remains is the rediscovery of your dazzling smile; painted to perfection with Mr. Koko’s Famous Activated Charcoal, 100% organic and entwined with coconut husks for a non-abrasive finish.