How To Use Our Teeth Whitener 

Life is complicated enough, Mr Koko like's to keep things simple. Follow these three steps to a brighter smile:


 1. Wet Toothbrush Bristles and Dip Into The Powder
You only need a little! Once the powder is mixed with water, it'll become a thin paste which is more than enough to get all your pearly whites clean.
 2. Gently Brush Teeth For Two Minutes
Using a circular motion, brush gently across the whole surface of your teeth. It's best to keep your lips pursed closed so as not to make a mess. 
3.  Rinse and Brush Again With Water To Remove Leftover Residue
Rinse your toothbrush under water to remove all left over activated charcoal. Rinse and repeat until all powder residue is removed. Enjoy your whiter smile!

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